100 Days of Burpees Challenge, Thur July 1st

100 Days of Burpees…Those are Legit.

Reminder: Please RSVP for CFHR cookout/party on July 3rd at Brett R’s place.  RSVP to roquemore1@cox.net.   Details are under the Announcements section on the left side of the Blog.

Power Clean: 
  5 @ 50%
  3 @ 65%
  3 @ 75%
  AMRAP @ 80% 1RM

Rest exactly 2 minutes after last power clean set.  Get your bar setup immediately for next part.

Snatch Grip Deadlift
  Every minute for 5 sets, execute 3 reps @ 100% of your Snatch 1RM


On your own,
3 sets of: 20 GHD situps (level 1: 10 per set)
Rest 1 minute
3 sets of 15 CTB pullups
Rest 1 minute

Congrats to Gabi and Mike L, CFHR’s June Athlete(s) of the Month.  Gabi was one of our first “garage” athletes way back when.  Col (ret) Mike, was recovering from 20+ years of Army abuse on his body.  Look at them now.  They epitomize the heart of the CFHR athlete.  They embody wellness both in and out of the gym.  Both recently got their Level 1 Certifications, and they are currently in our mentorship program to become Trainers at CFHR.  Mike is a bacon-loving Paleo diehard who loves researching and learning the nutritional facts.  Gabi is a sardine-loving, GHD fanatic (one of the original 5AM GHD crew).  Mike and Gabi, we are so proud of your progress and so happy you are a part of CFHR.  You set such a positive motivational atmosphere, and you set such a great example for your family and ours. Your $50 Gift Card to AgainFaster.com is waiting for you at the box (sorry Gabi, that won’t be enough to cover a GHD for your house).
Emily L. is coordinating a 100 DAYS OF BURPEES CHALLENGE AT CFHR

Words from Emily:

Ever heard of 8 Craaaaazy Nights? How about 100 Days of Burpees?

Who’s In?
I heard about the “100 Days of Burpees” Challenge last year.  I was thinking “Who on earth would be crazy enough to do that?” Buuuuut I couldn’t turn down the challenge.
The idea is on Day 1, you do 1 burpee, Day 2, 2 burpees, Day 10, 10 burpees and so on for 100 DAYS. It is tough, but rewarding to see the numbers jump higher and higher.  Believe it or not, burpees become easier, meaning you are increasing work capacity! The fun part is coming up with creative places to do your burpees! Last year Bill and I did burpees at the Kenny Chesney concert!
Please share your creative locations and progress by posting on the 100 Days of Burpees board in CFHR.

The days are easy to keep track of by picking up a calendar from CFHR. Put it on the frig next to your kids artwork or picture of your honey!
Who’s in?!?

Fine Print – The burpees can be split up any way you want as long as you get them done. They don’t have to be done all at one time. If the WOD includes burpees, they go towards your count for the day. Don’t worry, if you miss a day, make them up the next day!

Don’t forget to let everyone know you are participating – Add your name to the 100 Days of Burpees Board!

100 Days of Burpees BEGINS TODAY,  JULY 1st.

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