16 Minutes of Fame

Tuesday’s WOD:
Every minute on the minute for 16 Minutes perform the following:
5 box jump (20 in for guys and gals. Hips must reach full extension at top)
5 pushups (chest and thighs hit ground at same time @ bottom, elbows LOCKED OUT @ top)
8 one-armed DB swings (4L/4R) 35lb/20lb (DB must go above head (arm perpendicular to ground at top)

Post total rounds in which you were able to complete the exercises within the minute. If you cannot make a round prior to 16 minutes, then keep going, but your score is the last complete round.
Beyond the Whiteboard says AMRAP, but it’s “on the minute.”

The human body has an amazing capacity to talk to us if we’re willing (and able) to listen. If you remove the veil of society (neon lights, tv, alarm clocks, etc.) you find a seasonal rhythm to our sleep and diet. The summer time is (in evolutionary think) the time for plenty and preparation for the winter. This means lots of movement (gathering food, fighting for mates, etc.). What’s really neat, is that if you look closely, the vegetable and fruit availability in your area matches this cycle…it’s what our bodies want and it’s what the market supplies (just look at the price!) Ever notice that blueberries are $10 for a pint in Feb, but $2.99/pint in June?
If you look at your package of fresh fruit/veggies and notice that it was packed bulgaria 5 weeks ago…odds are it ain’t so “fresh.” It was probably preserved with plenty of non-natural methods. The Yorktown Market Days at the River goes year round. The dates for the next 2 months are July 11, 18 and 25th, August 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29th.
Check out this calendar (click to make it bigger) that shows the growing season for various vegetables and fruits. Organic/locally grown is the purest. Organic ain’t cheap, so try local stuff for the next best option.


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