2 Million Pounds!!! Monday, April 12th

Firefighters from the City of Hampton kick off the 24 Hour…2 Million Pounds Firefighter Fitness Fundraiser Saturday morning.  Athletes from CFHR, First Responders from the City of Hampton (with the help of members of the Community and GSS CrossFit) lifted 2 million pounds in a 24 hour period.  A current total of $2960 has been raised (donations are accepted until May 1st).  While we fell well short of our money goals, the fundraiser was a huge success on two fronts:  1) Community awareness of the importance of the physical preparedness of first responders and 2) tightening an already rock solid bond between CFHR’s family of athletes. (photo by Christine W.)
Weekly Warmup:
3 rounds of:
5 x Empty bar Good morning Back Squats (at bottom of good morning, simply lower hips into a squat)
10 x double under attempts or reps (gotta try double unders)
5 sets of:
  3 Power Snatch (1 second pause on ground, 1 second pause overhead)
  Rest 1 minute
  AMRAP pushups
  Rest 2 minutes
50 sledge swings for time
   First 25 must be on dominant side (i.e. right side if right handed)
   Second 25 must be on non-dominant side
A very special thanks to Alan, Bruce, Sam, Rob, Brent, Bryan, Amanda, Courtney & Rick, Scott and Kathleen, Jen, Jake and the many other athletes who helped burn the midnight oil and put up all that weight.  2 million pounds is a lot… a lot of weight.  Congrats to all the athletes of all walks who contributed and participated.  Finally, thank you to Amie G. for coordinating the media and social awareness campaign and providing the raw materials essential to making the event run smoothly.
The fit2fightfire.wordpress.com website is still up and donation are accepted until May 1st.  Please download a Donation form and continue to collect to get us closer to outfitting at least one station ($5000). 

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