Friday’s WOD, a belated 50th B-day WOD for Mike L. (5am)

“Old as Dirt”
For time:
50 Deadlift (135/95)
50 Hip Extension
50 Pushups
50 Deadlift (135/95)

Based on the 73%-to-27% vote result (58 votes), starting this Saturday, July 18th, the Saturday WOD will now start at 8am!! Fundamentals still goes at 9am

We got the following e-mail from Nicole’s Judge (Timothy Chan of CrossFit So. Cal) from her 4th WOD (the infamous sledgehammer WOD). Thank you Tim for sending this and reaffirming what we all know so well–Nicole is tough and exemplifies the spirit of CrossFit.

Hi Nicole,
I’ve been meaning locate you and tell you what an AMAZING job you did at the 2009 Crossfit Games. As judges we are required to be as impartial and fair through the whole games process.
Now that it’s over, I feel I can openly express to you that the courage, fortitude and strength of your character and body really stood out to me. I was a judge at the Crossfit Games last year, at the Southern California Qualifiers and this year at the 09 Crossfit Games. I’ve seen a lot of powerful Crossfitters, and look forward to being able to see many more in my lifetime. Nicole, you will forever stand out to me and be a beacon of Crossfit drive.When I look back over the weekend and that day, you were so humble and powerful. You took to the last rower, away from all the spot light and main crowd. You smashed your finger against a sledge hammer and metal stake and kept pounding that stake into the ground till no red showed on that stake. You rowed your last 500 hundred meters with a bloody, busted finger and only wailed on some of your last pulls. I can’t imagine, nor do I want to imagine the pain your experienced when the medical team poured alcohol on your wound after finishing a punishing 4th WOD of the day.When the heat was over I walked back to medical because I wanted to see how you were doing and they told me you left with your husband to go to the hospital. To my surprise and continued amazement. They announced your name at the 5th and final WOD and you walked out, bandaged finger and all, ready to go for the last WOD of the day!

Nicole Gordon you rock. Thank you for the honor of being your judge.
Tim Chan
Crossfit So. Cal

A good friend of CFHR, Gayle is in the running for the “Next Face of Fox 43” contest. She is currently in the lead, but we are asking for you help in getting this very tough and strong woman this recognition. All you have to do is watch her video linked HERE. One complete viewing = one vote. Watch/vote as often as you’d like. No sign up or login required, just watch it. We all appreciate your help! Good luck Gayle.

Here is a very good (a bit technical, but still easy to follow) primer on why Flax is not a great source of Omega-3, and why i’m always harping about taking Fish Oil

Some images from the Games


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