5 Stations of death, pain…fun? Thursday July 2nd

5 stations (does not matter where you start or in what order they are done)

You will perform max reps of each exercise in 60 seconds, then rest 2 minutes while rotating to the next station. You will go through this cycle twice (10 total minutes of work)
1. Hip Extensions (down to perpendicular @ bottom, up to parallel at top)
2. Knees-to-Elbows (Knees must touch elbows to count rep–triceps/ribs, etc. don’t count)
3. Air Squats (below parallel @ bottom, knee and hip extended fully @ top)
4. Row for calories (damper setting is your choice)
5. Push Press (45#/35#) (No push jerk. After hip extension, knees do NOT rebend. Full lock out overhead.
Post your TOTAL REPS as your score (like Fight Gone Bad).
I’ve been getting a ton of questions about Post WOD nutrition recently. Robb Wolf has always been pretty straight forward in his presentation. His most recent post, however, is absolutely perfect. READ HIS POST! I will start providing some general guidance for post WOD nutrition on the blog based on the WOD intensity and your present body comp (much like OPT does on his blog)


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