6 Months?!! Yea, Try 2 Decades Monday October 25

Scott getting full extension on DB presses

Group Warmup´╗┐

10 squats (slow/controlled)
10 overhead squats (PVC)
10 Snatch Balance (PVC)
Snatch (15 mins)
*Stay light on the weight and work change of direction and finish position
AMRAP 12 mins
30 Hand Release Push Up
5 Pull ups
21 Overhead Squats (75/55)
By now most of you have heard of the McDonalds burger that didn’t decompose after 6 months, right?
New discovery? Hardly…….
Happy Meal anyone?

Tucking in: Mrs Davies bought the Happy Meal and put it on a shelf in her home. She said even her dogs are no longer interested in eating it

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