A Controversial Post. Thursday Feb 18th.

 Checkout Rich’s “dip” portion of a Push Press.  Weight in heels, vertical torso, belly tight, no arched back, gaze straight ahead, elbows in front of bar…and he has been successfully brainwashed into a constant hook grip (although he could let it go for overhead movements like this). Rich is a great example of our TAKEOFF program’s success in teaching the fundamentals.  VERY nice work.

CrossFit WOD
rest 1 min
2 min AMRAP Hip Extension
rest 1 min
3 min AMRAP Muscle Ups (substitution:  3 pullups and 3 ring dips = 1 muscle up)
rest 1 minute
4 min AMRAP Double Unders
rest 1 minute
5 min AMRAP ABMAT situps

Post total reps.  Post RX only if HSPU were unassisted on the wall, muscle ups were from locked out bottom to locked out top & Double Unders performed.

Mike L. recognized the controversy in this post immediately...and he knew i’d love it (he was right).  You’ve gotta watch the linked videos.

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