A Critical Message. Wed, Sep 15th (100 DOB Day 77)

Quiet and reserved walking into the box, Lee quickly shifts to full-up Athletic Intensity when he hears “3-2-1- GO.”  He never holds back.

3 rounds for Reps per Round :
 1 min wallball (everyone to 10′, 20lb/14lb)
 1 min ground to overhead (95/65)
 1min box jump (24/20)
 Rest 1 min

Post each rounds’ total reps separately (85/78/72).
WORK HARD ROUND 1, then keep working HARD!!

For the ground to overhead, you can use clean/power clean + any kind of overhead or snatch/power snatch.  Just make sure you come to full extension (hips, knees & shoulders) at the top.  Don’t get sloppy pulling the weight off the ground…it’ll catch up to you.

Post WOD mobility: Legs and Hips (these are good!)

This video contains a critical message about form and intensity. It’s a balance. Too much intensity at the sake of form = injury. 

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