A little B-Day Barbell Love, Tuesday June 9th

Tuesday’s WOD–It’s Jessica N.’s 24th B-Day!:

For Time:

21,18,15,12,9, reps of:
95#/65# Dead Lift
95#/65# Hang Power Clean
95#/65# Front Squat

Happy B-Day Jessica!
Biggest Loser Team Profile

Biggest Loser Team Profile:  Team Outta Towners
On the Left (dressed as “Hyperinsulinemia” for the Halloween WOD)
NAME: Traci F.

CITY OF ORIGIN: Chesapeake, VA
FAVORITE WOD: Fight Gone Bad
LEAST FAVORITE WOD: I think GRiff – the run 400, 800 forward and backwards thing – who wants to run backwards?
HOW LONG CROSSFITTING? Did about 3 months in the garage and when the gym first opened, then took the winter off ( tried some in my garage) and then returned about 3 weeks ago to a kick ass card WOD – OUCH!
PROUDEST CROSSFIT MOMENT? Did Murph under an hour on Saturday! I surprised myself!
NEXT GOAL: To really get my nutrition down – and to win the biggest loser with lean and mean JEAN!
MY CROSSFIT EXPERIENCE: Truly amazing. I came in thinking my athletic days were done and now I know they are not! I cannot believe the changes I have made physically and mentally since starting crossfit, especially mentally. I feel better, strong, happier. Each WOD feels like an accomplishment in your own health! LOVE IT!

On the Right (dressed as “himself” for the Halloween WOD)
NAME: Jean C. 
CITY OF ORIGIN: Chowchilla, California
FAVORITE WOD: Anything Slow and with Heavy weights
PROUDEST CROSSFIT MOMENT: WODS, RX’d and seeing myself as different and a CrossFitter
NEXT GOAL: 20 Point Test, Muscle ups, CF Total Score!
MY CROSSFIT EXPERIENCE: Challenging environment, Great instruction, life changing if you give up and give in to it!!!!!
The first Biggest Loser WOD competition will be next Monday!  If you miss it Monday, you can make it up anytime this month.  
One more (great one) on Omega-3
Plus a great follow-up Q&A

You’ll notice questions about potential negative effects of excessive Omega-3.  “Excessive” is based on your needs.  Very few of us get sufficient N-6:N-3 ratios from our current diets.  If you have years of insulin resistance to overcome, experience chronic internal inflammation and/or have elevated triglycerides, then large doses (1g per 10lb of bodyweight) per day can have tremendously positive effects.  If you do not have any of the above, then about .5g per 10 lb of body weight per day is my stance.  This comes from the benefits I have personally seen and from numerous  clients of ours and other trainers I highly respect.  Bottom line–you have to assess how you feel and go with that.
The business side of the business:
Nicole and I are so proud of our athletes and our “box.”  We love being your trainers and friends.  We work hard to keep Fitness at the forefront of your experience at CFHR.  However, there is still a large overhead of work to manage the business behind the scenes.  CFHR continues to grow….because of your hard work and results! 
As of July 1st, all non-punchcard accounts must be on an EFT to help save time, energy and effort on ALL our parts, and to allow Nicole and I to continue focusing on what it truly important, which is you and your training.  (this does not apply to fees for Kids classes).
All Non-EFT members will have a $15 increase to their monthly dues.  To help accommodate as many athletes as possible, we will now accept Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express) on draft (we cannot do monthly swipes).  We will have new forms for those who wish to move existing EFT accounts to credit card if they desire.
We appreciate your understanding as we continue to grow CFHR while striving to maintain the personal, friendly and Fitness-focused atmosphere we have worked so hard to achieve.

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