A little Lift, Monday Oct 26th

Weekly Warmup

1/2 Tabata Row (4 intervals instead of 8)
3 rounds of
20 Med Ball Passes with Partner (each person touches ball 20 times)…you choose weight
10 Pushups with one hand on medball (5 left/5 right)
For Med ball passes–stand 6ft (one mat) away from eachother). Push-pass the ball back and forth with as little pause as possible on each pass
CrossFit WOD
Within 15 minutes, build to a Deadlift 1 RM using:
Rest, then:
4 rounds for time:
20 1 arm DB swings (55/35)–10 left/10 right
20 box jump
Row 200M
21-15-9 of:
Dumbbell Push Press
ABMAT situps
Row 200M
Biggest Loser Wrapping Up
REMEMBER TO GET YOUR FOLLOW UP SCAN 180Days after your first!
Our first 4 Biggest Loser competitor follow-up scans have been turned in…and WOW!! All four athletes have lost fat (significant amounts) and gained muscle (significant amounts). We are reinforcing the fact that healthy lifestyle change is not about “eat less and workout more” to cut weight; it is about food QUALITY and adjusting macronutrients (namely increasing protein and fat while decreasing carbohydrate) to yield a body composition change. Exercise is generally short and intense. I can guarantee that none of these athletes knows how many calories they eat in a day…no clue. They can, however, very accurately describe how certain foods make them feel and perform.
Here are the averages with just 4 athletes’ results in:
Total Fat Lost (in lbs) = 63 lbs
Highest fat loss = 21.4 lbs
Lowest fat loss = 8.2 lbs
Avg Fat Loss = 15.9 lbs
Total Muscle Gained = 26.1
Highest Muscle Gained = 10.1 lbs
Lowest Muscle Gained = 1.2 lbs
Average Muscle Gained = 6.52 lbs
Can’t wait to compile all the results and get the totals in!
Here’s a great read about how with exercise, more is less. This is a strong reason why I program the WODs the way I do.

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