A little Snatchy Snatch for Wed, July 15th

Wednesday’s WOD:

Warm up = left side of board only, then Burgner Warm up together with PVC then empty bar (15, 35 or 45lbs)

In 15 minutes or less, build to a heavy squat snatch

rest 5 minutes

10 rounds for time of the following snatch complex:
1 x OHS

Loading = 75% of the heavy snatch you built up to in the beginning.

You cannot release the bar during a round (you can release it between rounds). If you take your hands off the bar prior to completing the entire 3-2-1 complex in a round, then you can’t count that round.

Notice that in the videos, although he squats very low and is very vertical prior to pulling the bar, when he actually puts tension on the bar and begins his first pull, his butt raises and his shoulders come over the bar to where we always discuss the start of the Deadlift.

Full lock out and stable at top of Power Snatch to count it.

Mike L. B-day WOD update. It will now be on Friday instead of Thursday. Something about Mike needing another day to mentally prepare for it…I don’t know.
Here are a few snaps of your CFHR Athletes at the games

If you missed Nicole’s interview with WVEC TV’s sports reporter, Scott Cash, here’s the video of it
Thank you all so much (especially you 5 am’ers) for the warm welcome back. We appreciate the banner, the icy hots and the chalk messages in the gym. You guys are the heart of this place. We TRULY hope as many people as possible can make the trip to Aromas next year. It is an incredible experience.
If you don’t read Dr. Eades’ Blog, then you missed a great one. In true Eades fashion, he tackles complete B.S. head on. This one addresses a report ABC did about the effects of saturated fat from a big fast food meal. Man…this is just the tip of the iceberg of mis-information pumped to the public. Dr. Eades takes each portion of the video and shows how misleading and incorrect it is.

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