A MUST READ. Thursday, Sep 9th (100 DOB Day 71)

The anxiety of what awaits?  The inner dialogue to push?  Or the pride-filled realization of what was just accomplished?
For Time:
  Row 800M
  80 Double Unders (sub is 240 singles)
  Run 800M

  Row 400
  40 Double Unders (or 120 singles)

  Row 200
  20 Double Unders (60 singles)
  Run 200

Post WOD Mobility: Scapula


“It’s time for the medical community to recognize the difference between health and pathology…and to actually advocate for health. We need a physician network that understands evolutionary biology and how a deviation away from our ancestral diet and life-way can create havoc for our health before we are even born. We, or at least our kids, deserve better than this.”

 On another note, if I see another commercial saying how great it is that you can get a blood-glucose monitor, or “mobility” scooter for “absolutely no cost because Medicare covers it all,” I’m gonna….well…you can insert your own cynical, marginally perverse, aggressive, violent, epithet-filled, adjective-dense act of defiance here.


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