On the left: Dr. Dean Ornish, MD. Author of “Eat More, Weigh Less,” Dr. Ornish preaches an extremely low-fat, high fiber vegetarian diet to lose weight and reverse heart disease. This is the exact antithesis of the man on the right:
On the right: Gary Taubes, Author of “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” Tabues’ book covers the history and mis-guided science behind why our nation (and now the world) is becoming predominately obese. His studies target excess carbohydrates (specifically of the refined-type) and the excess production of insulin that result. Taubes identifies a carbohydrate-restricted diet rich in animal-source protein and fats as the most consistant and physiologically sound path to weightloss and disease prevention.
Assuming each practices what they preach, the picture above truly is worth a thousand words.
Follow this LINK to a video of Taubes and Ornish in a discussion moderated by Dr. Oz (another lipophobe). If you don’t have an hour to watch the whole thing, then go to the very end where Dr. Oz asks each person on the panel what they ate for breakfast that day.
LIVE STRONG and with a relaxed pancreas!!

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