Addressing Autism with Nutrition. Mon, Oct 11th

Reminder that we start the Warmup as a group promptly at the start of the class time! This is week 2 of Coach Mike’s programming.

This week, your coaches will warm you up using selections from the following elements/skills:
1. Rowing
2. Ring Work (inverted/skin the cat)
3. L-Sits/Planche/Hanging L-holds
4. Medball work
5. Turkish Getups
6. Handstand elements (pushups, walking, balancing)
7. Jumping Rope
8. Mobility movements based on the WOD

Today’s Warmup: Partner Medball toss competition
    -Pair up with a partner.
    -Pick a Medball (any weight…make is somewhat of a challenge).
   -Partners will start 1 mat apart from each other (4′)
   -Execute a front squat to a thruster..throwing the ball like a wallball shot
   -Your partner must catch the ball, then execute the same back to you.
   -If you both successfully catch the ball, then you each take one step back.
   -Continue until someone drops the ball or you can’t get the ball to your partner.

13 min AMRAP
  • 5 Thruster (115#/85#)
  • 8 Sandbag getups (4L/4R) (80lb/40lb)
  • 10 Pullups

Other scaling options for Thrusters
95/65, 75/45 (or as appropriate for abilities)



This week, we’ll be featuring great podcasts by Nora Gedgaudas from Primal Body Primal Mind.
We’ll start the week with an interesting topic:  Addressing nutrition to treat Autism. 
The second half of the podcast, if you’re interested in learning about it, discusses a case of neuro feedback to help an autistic child.


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