All Bones About It. Friday December 3

4 rounds of tabata (20sec on 10sec off)
ring dips
hip extension
complete all of one exercise before moving on to next
7 thrusters (115/75)
7 pullups
7 boxjumps (30″/24″)
.. or you can just kick em to the curb!  Just kidding guys/gals…kinda

(That was Bryan posting…and that was damn funny).

How to Prepare and Enjoy Marrow Bones
I’ve often mentioned how good marrow bones taste.  After the grimaces, people are generally curious about how to prepare them in the off chance they may ever actually consider eating them.  Marrow bones are a wickedly rich source of CLA, stable healthy saturated fats, fat soluble vitamins, B complex, zinc, magnesium, calcium and more.  Next to Liver, this is damn near a superfood and it tastes incredible as a dressing or topping to a meal.  Here’s how to prepare it:
1.  Buy the bones.  I recommend Slankers (see Paleo Resources pulldown to the right).  The ones below are from our Windhaven order and they were great, there just weren’t enough of them for me. 

2.  Place the bones on a cookie sheet and preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.  Make sure they’re standing up.

 3.  Cook for 25-30 minutes (until the  meat on the outside is brown/slightly burnt and the oil starts leaking out the bottom.

4.  Use a skewer or some skinny/long object to poke out the marrow from inside the bones.  Do this while the bones are still hot (hence the oven mitt).  Once the marrow starts to cool, it turns pretty hard and doesn’t spread easily.

 5.  Here’s the finished product on the plate.  Immediately pour onto/into whatever you’re cooking that night.  In this case, I had brussel sprouts and ground beef.  I topped it with the marrow.  Good eatin!


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