Amy S, Athlete of the Month!. Wed, Sep 8th (100 DOB Day 70)

CFHR Athlete of the Month: Aug 2010 – Amy S.
Amy epitomizes the heart of the CFHR Athlete.  While tackling a challenging shift schedule as a nurse, she is a continual source of motivation and intensity in the box.  She has aggressively assessed her beliefs of fitness, nutrition and wellness through consistent research and she has raised her performance to incredible levels.  Amy is a member of the 5am GHD crew, an amazing runner and she consistently puts up some of the top performances at CFHR.  Her enthusiasm is contagious (as evidenced by her whole family’s incredible athletic abilities).  Amy, we’ve got a $50 gift certificate to for you at the box.  CONGRATS!!

9 Min AMRAP:
  5 front squat (185/125)
  5 back squat (185/125)
  15 unbroken box jumps (24″/20″)

Post WOD MobilityShoulders + 3-5 minutes in the relaxed bottom of a squat.


Congrats on your Level 1 Cert Juan!

Take a look at the Zercher Squat.  It’s something we’ll be incorporating down the road.

Anatomy:  The Soleus


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