An Interview With a Modern Hunter Gatherer ..Wednesday

Group Warmup´╗┐
 3 sets of:
1. 10 GHD situps
 2. 60 second static pullup hang (if you previously succeeded with the full 60 seconds move to 5 sets of 10 second negative, if you already go the negatives, add some weight to the negatives.  If you can do

 Strict pullups, complete 10 Strict pullups each round with emphasis on controlled slow movement and relaxed bottom positon

Back Squat (15 mins)
5 sets of 5reps at 75-80% 1RM
3 seconds for full descent hit the bottom and explode to the fully extended position.
rest 5 mins
5 sets for total time:
4 Turkish Getups 2r/2l  (55/35 DB)
12 burpee box jumps   (24″/20″) DO NOT JUMP OFF BOX. Stand up fully then step down
rest 45 seconds
The High Rack position (middle picture) with chest up is where we want to be.  This position best compliments our Olympic Lifting. 

The Melanesian island of Katava is unique in that up until very recently it has maintained a non-industrial food system.  Along with the preservation of traditional eating habits, the Katavans have a “very low (undetectable) rate of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and overweight.”  They are relatively well known in the ancestral nutritional field because their diet consists primarily of sweet potatoes, yams, cassava root, fish, coconut and vegetables.  Their macronutrient breakout is roughly 69% carbohydrate, 21% fat and 10% protein.  This shows the wide adaptability of the human to a variety of fuel sources (the Inuits, for example have a traditional diet that is nearly 90% saturated fat and protein and 10% root vegetables).  For you former pasta-holics who want to protest the tortures of no grain, notice that there’s no grain (anywhere) in the Katavan diet.

Here’s an interview between Dr. Stephan and a Katavan.  It’s VERY interesting. 

Post your thoughts and feelings about our industrial food system, macronutrient breakout, etc.

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