AT LAST>>>Friday Jan 7

  Jamie and Adam with some good L-Sits
Group Warmup´╗┐
Coach’s Choice!
1.  3 attempts at 100 cumulative seconds of handstand holds
*Subtract 100-(total cumulative seconds)=number of burpee box jump you must complete
*If you hit 100+seconds then you are free from burpee box jumps…proceed to step 2
2. 3 attemps at 60 cumulative seconds of L-Sits
*Subtract 60-(total secs)=number of sandbag get ups (40/20)
**If you hit 60+seconds you are clear to move on
3. 3 attempts at 75 cumulative seconds of static pullup holds  -chin must remain over bar
*Subtract 75-(total secs)=number of wallball shots you must complete
**If you hit the goal–have a great weekend! 
AWESOME week in the box guys! 

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