Athlete Profile + Affiliate Team Announcement

1st, remember the CFHR BBQ at Gabi and Mike’s house tomorrow.  Details on the right side of the blog in the Social Events section
CFHR Athlete Profile:  Brett R.

Check out the before and now (not after, ’cause he’s just getting started)
The Before picture is Brett at 238 lbs, freshly diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic.
The “now” picture was taken this past Tuesday.  Brett is a spritely 198 lbs, kickin’ ass in his WODs and has a new lease on life.  He is aggressive and focused in the gym and with his diet.  He’s so quiet when he walks in the gym, but he’s an absolute animal when the WOD begins.  His results are amazing…AND TYPICAL for the dedicated CrossFitter.  We couldn’t be prouder of you Brett!!

Tuesday, May 5th 2009


Because of the large response of CFHR athletes seeking to be a part of our CF Games Affiliate Team, we will be holding a qualifying event.  We are trying to link up with CF Odyssey to make it a larger event with some more competition.  The team can have up to 6 people on it.  It must have at least 2 guys and 2 girls.  Our goal is to take 6 with the optimum mix to make us competitive, to have fun, and to be fair to all our athletes.  We’re striving for the competition to be the first weekend in June to give people time to book tickets and hotels in Aromas if they qualify.  More details to come!
My brother and his wife (post as Ari and Mary in the comments) sent this great list yesterday!  Thought I’d share it with you:
Top ways know you’re in to CrossFit BIGTIME
5) Adding to blogs half way across the country
4) Punishment for kids not listening to you during soccer practice is burpees- full on with clap over the head–they HATE that, but they listen now
3) Wearing CFHR Balls and MILF shirts to the Globogym–hell, Mary TEACHES in the MILF shirt for gosh sakes!
2) Spending money you don’t have to convert your garage in to a psuedo-CFHR–just got our rings and we’re PSYCHED!
and the #1 way you know you’re hooked on CF……
1) replacing your kid’s photo as screen saver with PUKIE the Clown–and the kids LOVE it!
Hope to see you tomorrow at Gabi and Mike’s!


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