Athlete Profile, Eric B.

Eric B. begin CrossFit with us March 9th (just over 2 months ago) at 200lbs and with a 39 inch waist.  He attacks his WODs with intensity.  We gave him a paleo/zone prescription.  He followed it.  In fact, he came to us saying that he was too full to finish the amount of fat we had prescribed him.  With a couple of tweaks to the quantities of macronutrients, and his continued hard work in the box, Eric is down to 187 lbs and a 37.5 inch waist.  Eric is proof, again, that although much of what we provide you in CrossFit (short intense workouts, lower-carb paleo-based nutrition advice) flies in the face of the conventional mainstream Fitness industry, it WORKS…and it WORKS WELL!  Thanks for sending us your info Eric and thanks for working so hard.  Your approach and intensity towards your own well-being and longevity is contagious!

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We’ll start posting Biggest Loser Team profiles this week.
I spoke with Ted from Slanker’s Grass-Fed Meats yesterday when I placed my order.  So far, he only has 2 orders from CFHR.  If we want the 12% discount, we need to get the 200lb minimum.  We had nearly 20 people express interest in this, so please call Ted at 1-866-SLANKER to order.  They’re always available to take orders.  Order instructions and prices are here.  Don’t forget, CFHR will pay 50% of your shipping costs.  Minimum order is 20 lbs or $100.
Sunay’s WOD goes rain or shine!  

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