Athlete Profile

Meet Kevin.

Kevin is a regular at the 10am class.  
Kevin graciously volunteered to allow us to track his progress publicly.  He’s now truly accountable to the masses.
Above is a picture of Kevin in one of his first WODs.
His starting numbers are:
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 230lbs
Waist:  43.5″
Body Fat%: 30
Lean body weight: 161lbs
Phase 1:
 – No grains, pastas, refined carbs, sodas, etc. WHATSOEVER! Only Meat, Veggies, Nuts and Seeds, some fruit
  -Block prescription: 17P, 6C, 35F
  -WOD at least 3 days per week (preferably 4).
Every month we’ll update you on his progress.  Thanks Kevin.  
Feel free to post your encouragement and own success to COMMENTS to help Kevin on his path to Fitness

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