Meet Jim (top) and Dave (bottom).  There has been a recent mob of Physical Therapists overrunning CFHR–it’s all due to Jim and Dave.  Jim came first.  Then he tricked Dave into showing up.  Then all hell broke loose.  These two guys work their asses off every WOD.  They started tracking what they ate.  They took paleo, zone and CrossFit seriously.  In just over a month and a half, Dave has lost 10 lbs and just completed his first unassisted kipping pullups.  Jim has turned into an olympic lifting fool and crushes the WODs everyday.  Their work capacities have soared.  Their energy in and out of the gym has soared.  They are great examples of just how easy it is for the hard work to start paying dividends.  The cool thing is, not only do they get sore…they can name the exact muscles and tendons that are sore.  Dave introduced us to the Stretching Strap (we just ordered 5 more for the box) and Jim is helping us order Anatomy Charts for the walls.  We can’t thank them enough for the positive atmosphere they bring with them to the box everyday.  Keep up the hard work guys!!

Remember all that mumbo-jumbo i’m always spouting out about vitamin and mineral uptake being stunted by gluten and refined carbs?  Remember the shock of hearing that milk is not how we were designed to get calcium as adults?  Check out this great read by Master Robb on Paleo and Osteoporosis 
have a great weekend and LIVE STRONG!!!

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