AUG Biggest Loser WOD!! Monday, Aug 24th

This Week’s Warmup:
DJM+10 squats
2 rounds
10 Swings
10 pushups
5 x deadlift (95/65) – make these fast off the ground, but controlled. Get set for each deadlift (tight core, shoulders in front of bar, tight chest, lumbar set) then go for speed off the ground. Do NOT “touch and go” quickly.
3 x deadlift (135/95) – attempt to keep same speed as 1st five
Row 250m at moderate pace. Focus on speed and power in pull (just like deadlift above)

Row 750m for time
Rest (each athlete gets 10 minutes rest minimum)
1 Rep Max Deadlift

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: All 5 rowers will be set up for a 750m countdown row. The 1st 5 athletes will row their 750m (the rower will countdown to zero meters and the time will freeze). Athletes will have a trainer record their time. Those athletes then have 10 minutes rest. After 10 minutes rest, the athletes then have 15 minutes (set as a countdown on the big clock) to build up to and execute a 1 rep max deadlift. The 1 Rep Max MUST BE WITNESSED BY A TRAINER TO COUNT. The trainer will record your 1RM weight.
POINTS: There will be male and female rankings. Your ranking in each of the two exercises will be added to your teammate’s rankings to get your total score. The team with the lowest score wins (i.e. the best overall rankings).
Scoring will close next Monday (i.e. you have the entire week to do this if you miss it. Trainers will do their best to accommodate).
Fall Evening Classes Added!
Starting the first week in Sept, we are pleased to announce the addition of new evening class times and a new structure for evening classes. Starting at 4:30pm, warmups will run on the half hour and WODs will run 15 and 45 minutes after the hour. Show up to start your warmup at one of the designated times. We will ensure the warmups are structured to be completed in under 15 minutes and that they do not conflict with equipment used for the WOD. This now adds 2 extra WODs in the evenings and provides more flexibility for those athletes who may show up between 5 and 6pm or who want to start before 5pm. Note that warmup time overlaps with the execution of the previous class’ WOD—WODers have priority. Here’s how it flows:
4:30pm – Warmup Starts
4:45pm – WOD Starts
5:00pm – Warmup Starts
5:15pm – WOD Starts
5:30pm – Warmup Starts
5:45pm – WOD Starts
6:00pm – Warmup Starts
6:15pm – WOD starts
7:00pm – Box closes
Remember to sign up for FGB IV!!! Click on the link at the top right of the blog.

We are very proud of the progress our Kids Class has made. Several are preparing for the upcoming high school basketball season. We can’t wait to see them excel on the court!


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