B.S 1RM + Metcon, Tues Dec 15th

CrossFit WOD:
Back Squat
1 @ 70% 1RM
1@ 80% 1RM
1 @ 85% 1RM
1 @ 95% 1RM
1 @ 100-102% 1RM

Rest, then

5 rounds:
20 unbroken DB swings (55/35)
Rest 2 minutes

The big clock will be running, note when you reach 20, then start 2 minutes later. Goal is unbroken

Post B.S. 1RM, weight for DB/KB swings and if you broke

This has to be one of the best posts i’ve ever seen. Don’t get caught up in the specific foods she chooses as “healthy” for her, but the concept is a perfect example of how to balance the realities of life with our pursuit of health. Just make sure the “F-Off” category doesn’t get too full.
LIVE STRONG…Have something in your F-OFF category!

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