Back in the Game, Monday Nov 30th

Big Bad Carl (one of our newest TAKEOFF grads) busts out round 5 (of 7) during Friday’s 30s sprint rows.

Weekly Warmup

2 x Circuit (use PVC for loading)
10 reps Deadlift
10 reps SDHP
10 reps OHS
5 reps HSPU or 10 second handstand hold
CrossFit WOD:
3 rounds for time (RX = 135lb/95lb):
10 Front Squat (must take from floor…no rack)
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerk
50 ABMAT situps (anchored)
7 Rounds for time

30 jump rope (or 10 double unders)
7 Pushups
5 DB/KB Swings

Robb Wolf Podcast #3. Again, more insight straight from the master himself. Great discussion of work volume, nutrition and body composition. Here’s a hint: too much working out is not usually blocking you from reaching your goals–along with not enough sleep and too much stress. I know…like a broken record player (Ben and Robby, records were “discs” made of vinyl that contained recorded music. They often “skipped”, creating a repetition of the last lyric sang. They were popular when Jim was going through college).
This Friday, the winners of CFHR’s Biggest Loser will be announced!


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