Back Squat Form + Healthy Snack Idea, Tuesday, Jan 26th

Sheetal demonstrates a strong core while fighting for vertical posture in her squat. Notice the weight in her heels. As her flexibility (glutes, hamstrings and ankles) continues to improve, her depth will improve and her shoulders, hips and ankles will move into relative vertical alignment

CrossFit WOD:

Deadlift 70% of 1RM
8 sets of 2, resting 45 seconds between each set.
These should be EXPLOSIVE.
rest, then
15 min AMRAP
20 unbroken wallball (20/14lb rx = 10′ for both)
20 unbroken double unders
If you are going for “As RX’d,” then if you break, you must start that set over. Breaking wallball = dropping the ball or pausing at all with the ball in your hands. Depth must be below parallel at bottom of the squat. At least 1/2 the ball must go over the line to count as hitting it.
Looking for a snack idea? Try these. Put ’em in a tupperware or ziplock to pack for work.

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