CrossFit WOD:
How Many Rounds Can You Complete in 15 minutes of:
20 Wallball shots (20/14 to 10′ target)
50 Walking Lunges

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After 6 months, the results are in. 19 final scans were turned in for the competition. 16/19 finished with positive points (both lost fat and gained muscle). I have a very in-depth spreadsheet I’m finishing up that has all the details and analysis, but for now, here are the Top 3 Teams and their point breakout:

First Place
Team Pain and Torture (Jim K. and Dave D.)
Jim K.: Lost18.2 lbs Fat / Gained 9.2 lbs Muscle
Dave D.: Lost 21.4 lbs Fat / Gained 10.1 lbs Muscle
Points from WOD competitions: 1.25
Total Score: 60.15

Second Place
The Jerks (Brett R. and John O.)
Brett R.: Lost 8.2 lbs Fat / Gained 5.6 lbs Muscle
John O.: Lost 8.1 lbs fat / Gained .94 lbs Muscle
Points From WOD competitions: 1.25
Total Score: 24.087

Third Place
Over the Hill (Mike and Gabi L.)
Gabi: Lost 2.4 lbs Fat / Gained 5.0 lbs Muscle
Mike: Lost 9.2 lbs Fat / Gained 3.6 lbs Muscle
Points from WOD competitions: 0
Total Score: 20.163

Special Recognition

Eric B. started the competition in May. After 2 months and REMARKABLE progress, work called him away. He popped in occasionally for a WOD, but has just now returned as a regular after finishing his work on the road. Proving that commitment to nutrition and lifestyle are HUGE factors in meeting your body comp goals, Eric turned in his final scan to show a FAT LOSS OF 16.2 lbs and a MUSCLE GAIN OF 6 lbs. That puts him as one of the top overall individual performances, and he did most of his work solo!!! Great job Eric. You won a $50 gift card to Again to give you some equipment to help you on the road.

Each member of the top 3 teams gets to pick from the pool of top prizes. Once a prize is chosen, it is taken off the list. Two members from the same team can pick the same prize. Top prizes are:

1. 1 Year Executive Membership to Costco
2.$100 Gift Certificate to Again Faster (CrossFit Equipment supplier)
3.$100 Best Buy Gift Card
4.$100 Target Gift Card
5.Paleo Zone Kit (includes food scale, knife set, cutting board and Paleo cookbook)
6.New iPod Shuffle

For those individuals not in one of the top 3 teams, if they (as an individual) finished with positive points, they get their choice of a $15 Target Gift Card or a $15 Starbucks Gift Card.


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