Bodyweight. Tuesday, Jun 7th


Partner up on rowers.  For this WOD, have the WATT display called up on the rower.  Note your wattage on each stroke as you get fatigued.  Perceived effort is tough to judge as we get fatigued.  You must fight what your mind tells you your limit is in the midst of the challenge….you must look deep into your body and ask it for more.

Row 350M  at 50% effort
Run  400M at 50% effort
Rest 2 minutes
Row 350M at 75% effort
Run 400M at 75% effort
Rest 2 minutes
Row 350M at 90% effort
Run 400M at 90% effort
Rest 2 minutes
Row 350M at 100% effort
Run 400M at 100% effort

Rest 10 deep breathes between the Row and the Run.  Push the mental barriers today.
If you cannot run due to injury, you’ll do 150 double unders, 60 2-count mountain climbers or another exercise off the rower.

A little bodyweight inspiration

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