Bunch o’ Couplets and BIG announcement. Friday Nov 20th 2009

CrossFit WOD:

“A Bunch o’ Couplets”
There will be 5 stations. Each station has a couplet of exercises at it. You will execute each station’s couplet as an AMRAP for 3 minutes. You will then rest 2 minutes as you rotate to the next couplet. Your score is the total number of REPS completed in the entire WOD.
Station 1:
12 Box Jump
12 Swings (55/35)
Station 2:
20 Double Unders
7 Burpees
Station 3:
8 GHD Hip Extension
8 GHD Situps
Station 4:
3 L-pullups
10 Slamball (20/12)
Station 5:
50 Mountain Climbers
10 Wallball shots (20/10)
AMRAP in 7 minutes

8 walking lunges (4 left/4 right)

For your listening enjoyment. The second installment of Robb Wolf’s podcast. Good stuff that addresses many common questions (and beyond).
I am pleased to announce, that CrossFit Hampton Roads will soon (very soon) be carrying two new products: OPT ReFuel and OPT VMG.
James Fitzgerald (OPT) is the winner of the first ever CrossFit Games, owner of Optimum Performance Training, Inc in Alberta CA, and owner of CrossFit Calgary. He is an absolutely masterful trainer at the top of his game, a friend and my mentor in Nutrition Science and Fitness Coaching. James designed these two products based on YEARS of work with athletes (at levels from soccer moms to Olympians and Professional Sports). This is the real deal. Here is an overview of the products and links to their labels for your review.

OPT VMG: In a perfect world, everyone would eat a primarily Paleolithic Diet, get 9 hours of sleep, and not have exposure to toxins (like plastics in food products, etc.). This is not a perfect world. VMG (Vitamin, Mineral, Greens) is a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and antioxidant formula all in one. It is not a massive dosing of any particular entity. It is a fine symphony of the micronutrients necessary to maintaining health and longevity in a world filled with “realities.”
OPT REFUEL: This is not for every athlete at CFHR, but it is for many. I will post more about the specific recommendations on who would use ReFuel and when. James has taken the difficult task of determining post WOD nutrition (macronutrient balance and quantities) and simplified it for us all. This mix of Protein and Carbs is based on specific research assessing athletic recovery and progression towards fitness goals. Note the suggested usage on the right side of the link.
I will let you know when the first shipment gets in. We will accept cash or check at the gym, or Paypal/credit card online.

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