Can You Eat a Paleo Diet and Believe in God? Friday, Dec 24th

Picture from Evansville CrossFit

 8 and 9am classes only today.  Have a very safe and relaxing Holiday everyone.  Normal classes start up on Monday

Group Warmup
Form up in teams of 2 or 3.  Go through every movement in the WOD.  Warm up the movements and develop your strategy for breaking up reps.
As teams of 2 or 3, For time
  • 35 thrusters 95/65
  • 70 box jumps 20″
  • 35 KB/DB Swings 70/55
  • 70 pullups
  • 35 OHS 95/65
  • 70 wallball shots 20/14 10′

Level 1 athlete teams, scale the following:  20 thrusters, 40 pullups 30 OHS and 50 Wallball shots.

Split the work however you’d like, but complete each exercise before moving on to the next.


In this, the season of Holiday celebrations, here’s a great post from one of my new favorite blogs, “The Daily Lipid” by Chris Masterjon.  Enjoy…it’s deep, meaningful and thought-provoking.  This is NOT a controversial post.  It’s actually a very good secular discussion of science and belief with a thorough historical base. 

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