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Midget Fury

Tuesday’s WOD

20 DB or KB swings (55# guys/35# ladies)
10 Knees to Elbows (KTE)
16 swings
12 swings
8 swings
4 swings
From the CrossFit main page, but too good to pass up, check this out.

Myopic Monkey

Monday’s WOD:

Back Squat: 5, 5, 5
3 rounds for Time:
30 Back Extension
30 Double Under
10 Burpees
If you can’t double under, then TRIPLE the number of jump rope
Sorry, no Over the Hill video yet…sorry Jack and Sheetal, I’ll get it soon.
Jeremy’s rant:
So we’re in Kohl’s this weekend; the soothing sounds of holiday elevator music played on their intra-store sound system.  All of a sudden, the following important announcement interrupted my John Tesh easy-listening experience,

“Attention Kohl’s customers.  We’re hiring for the Holiday Seasons!  Are you active? Can you lift things?  If you fit this description, then see any store associate for an application!”

Holy Shit people!  “Active”…”Lift things”?  Are you kidding me?  They should be handing out so many applications that Greenpeace is holding a vigil for all the dying trees.  “Active” and “Lift things” should describe nearly EVERY ambulatory human not suffering from a major debilitating disease or injury from age  2 to 80+.  But sadly, it doesn’t.  If you’re reading this, then you’re on the right path to being able to apply for a job at Kohls well into the twilight of your years on earth.  But more importantly, you’ll be living independently, outside of assisted living, wiping your own ass, and driving yourself to your workouts at 80+!

Over the Hill


4 round for time of:
For 400m
4 times through of: 4 DB squat, 4 DB Hang Power Clean, 4 DB thruster
This was Sheetal’s 40th birthday surprise WOD, that’s why the late post (she would have caught on with the “4” theme.  We’ll have pictures and one helluva funny video shortly.  Have a great restful weekend.

Hammer Time

Wednesday’s WOD:

   Without setting the weight down between movements, execute:
        1 Power Clean (70% max)
        1 Hang Power Clean
        1 Front Squat
        Rest 3 minutes, then repeat.  You’ll do the repetition 3 total times
3 rounds for  time:
  Standing Long Jumps to cover 70′ (remember how many it took you)
Dumbell Burpee Power Clean Pushjerks (do the same number as jumps it took you to          cover 70′)
Dumbell Burpee Power Clean Pushjerk = From the standing position, with a dumbbell in each hand, squat to place the dumbells on the floor.  Kick feet out to the plank position.  Execute a pushup.  Return feet to squat position.  Execute a Power Clean from the floor.  Pushjerk the dumbells, repeat.  Loading =appx 45% body weight total (men), (30% women)
Checkout this great summary of nutrition from Robb Wolf:

Happy Veterans Day

Words on a Blog cannot express our gratitude for those still “downrange” taking the fight to the bad guys and to those who have fought and will fight for this great nation of ours.

There are five services.  The age of all services adds up to 978 years.

Today’s WOD:
5 rounds for time:
9 Thruster (heavier than Fran…guys RX would be 115#, girls: 80#)
7 Box jump (Guys 24″, girls 20″)
8 pullups
scale thrusters and pullups as required.

Patience Young Skywalker, POST PLEASE!

Terry & BJ II from Rudy Nielsen on Vimeo.

Monday’s WOD:
PVC pipe Snatch Practice (20 minutes)
A “friendly” game of medicine ball HORSE (bring your A-game)
-Toss a heavy slamball or med ball into the tire from 5 stations
-Each shot you make, you get a letter
-If you miss, you “get” to perform a task
PLEASE START POSTING YOUR TIMES, SCORES, WEIGHTS, ROUNDS  PROGRESS AND THOUGHTS TO THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THESE POSTS.  It is good to see others’ performances to keep perspective on you own.  This also provides a source for you to compare previous performances (if you don’t have a log book).  

There is a very meaningful statement in CrossFit:  

The Magic is in the movements
The Art is in the Programming
The Science is in the Explanation
It is so easy to get awed and caught up in the complicated exercises of CrossFit and neglect the basics elements that build that :  Clean and Jerks before a solid deadlift, squat or push jerk; push jerk before a solid push press, etc.  You will be rewarded in your future CrossFit endeavors if you continue to reinforce the basic movements (squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, SDHP, medicine ball clean).  Incorporate these as part of your warmup.  Execute squat throughout the day (slow and steady, focusing on refining your movement and posture).  A mature athlete will recognize that they can be Intense yet still be patient in building to more complex movements.  As trainers, we MUST ensure solid basics before pushing complexity.
Read this paper on Virtuosity from Coach Glassman
This week, you’ll see some shorter workouts that are “elemental” and Intense.  We’ll  reinforce the basic movements and apply them to portions of the olympic lifts.  We’ll be using Catalyst Athletics and Greg Everett’s model of WODs for this.

Need a pick me up?

Friday’s WOD:

400m of walking lunge.
At the end of a tough week of CrossFit, we’re all sore and tired.  It’s time to step back from each individual workout and look at our goals from a distant, rested view.  Use your weekend of rest to reflect on just how much you’ve gained from your new “sport”…CrossFit.   We often get so caught up in one or two “bad” days (poor workout performance, food struggles, lack of sleep) that we lose sight of the big picture.  If we don’t step back, we lead ourselves to seeing only the bad days.  This sets an expectation for failure and  we develop an attitude of “aw screw it!”  You keep coming back to CrossFit because it is more than just a workout…it’s a support group.  “Hi, my name is Jeremy and I’m a CrossFitter”…..”HHHHIIIII JEREMY.”  Or “forgive me class, for I have sinned…it has been 3 days since my last WOD.”  Your team of CrossFitters is there for you.  Jeremy and Nicole are there for you.  You are not alone…let others help you find your perspective.  
As Coach Rip says….BE ALIVE…BE VERY ALIVE!

What Election? Rhabdo broke the 2 min Fran!!

Thursday’s WOD:

For Time:
50 Double Unders (DU)
2 Turkish Get-ups per arm (TGU)
40 DU
4  TGU per arm
30 DU
6 TGU per arm
20 DU
8 TGU per arm
If the movie doesn’t work, click here, then scroll down to the Kettlebell section
From the CrossFit main site today, Jason “Rhabdo” Kaplan from Guerilla Fitness in Montclair NJ puts up a 1:53 “Fran”!!!  ANIMAL!  I’d venture to say this is one of the most remarkable physical feats in recent history.  Disagree?  Think I’m exaggerating?  Those who have done Fran know how remarkably challenging this is.  Those who haven’t, just try it.  Watch his core-to-extremity efficiency and power in the Thrusters.  Notice his hips FULLY extend prior to the weight leaving his chest.  The previous fastest time recorded was 2:02 and it was messy.  This was as legitimate as it gets (weight fully over head–not out front, and chin well above bar for pullup)

Carol the Crusher! (check out those guns)

Wednesday’s WOD:

5 rounds for time:
Run 400m
15 Power Snatch (95# men/65# hot chicks…because only hot chicks do CF)
Meet Carol.  Carol used to take long walks in our neighborhood.  She joined us 2 months ago while we still worked out of our garage.  When she started, Carol could not do 1 pull-up, even with the largest assist band.  Look at Carol now:  today, she did Angie–that means she did 100 PULLUPS!!!…then 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats.
Carol has read Light’s Out, Protein Power, Enter the Zone and is working through Cordain’s “Paleo Diet.”  Not only has she drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid, but she’s living, hardcore proof of the efficacy of a metabolically balanced diet, plenty of sleep and EXTREME intensity in the gym.  Carol has very nearly reached her weight goals.  Once she does, we’ll post the before and after pictures with the stats to compare.  
Did we mention her kids are two of the hardest working in our Kids Class?
Great work Carol.  DON’T STOP.  We love having your spirit and enthusiasm…it’s contagious.

Tuesday’s WOD:

For time:
100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 ABMAT situps
100 Squats
Complete each exercise before moving to the next.
Sorry guys, the 1st success story will have to wait till tomorrow night…i’ve gotta get to bed!

Better late than never FGB video

Monday’s WOD:

Overhead Squat
75 hip extensions for time 
I finally got the FGB video completed.  Sorry for the delay, I hope you enjoy.  
You can view this video in larger format on vimeo HERE
Lots of good stories for the blog this week (success stories!)  And a few of Jeremy’s “rants and raves” about nutrition, of course.  

And the Winner is:

you can watch this video on Vimeo here
We had a great time on Friday with some wonderful costume entries.

The overall winner(s) are the Kettlebell Twins (1 pood Jessie and 2 pood Kristin)

Most Humorous (made Jeremy laugh and made Nicole roll her eyes…Jeremy knows good humor) was Carol as “Clogged Art. Er. E.”):

Most Health Conscious:  Traci as “Hyperinsulinemia”
Worst Costume:  Rowan as a Boring Australian dressed 
as a Boring British dude…or is it the other way around?

Most Representative of True Personality


Friday’s Halloween WOD:

Completed in Teams of 2 for time:
2 rounds of:
16 tire flips (split at 8 and 8 for men or 16 2-person flips for women)
160 foot farmers carry (weight determined at time of WOD)
Bear Walk
400m run with Dynamax Ball (20lb men/14lb women)
Best Costume for the day gets a free CF Hampton Roads hooded sweatshirt.
If anyone shows up in the above costume, you’ll be kicked out, then immediately chosen as winner of the sweatshirt.

As clear as the insulin in this vile

Thursday’s WOD:

Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Take plenty of rest between sets.  This is about developing strength. Focus on form.
FRIDAY:  COMPETITION FOR BEST HALLOWEEN WORKOUT COSTUME…DON’T BRING IT WEAK!!!!!  Winner gets one of our new CF Hampton Roads Sweatshirts!
Check out this story from Fox News (thanks for the pointout Meegs).  Summary: Type II Diabetes Rates have doubled since 1970.  Note the following 2 quotes separated by only a paragraph:

“Type 2 diabetes is more common than type 1 diabetes. In both types of diabetes, the body has trouble controlling blood sugar due to problems with insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar.”

“The cause of the increase in diabetes incidence is likely related to changes in obesity and lifestyle,” write Fox and colleagues. “Obesity and weight gain are the leading risk factors for the development of diabetes.”

How can we be missing this?  In a pharmaceutically driven health care industry, we’d rather coddle people through and give them drugs to treat symptoms than open our eyes to what we already know is the true root of the problem.  Diabetes is not caused by obesity.  Diabetes is a symptom of a greater ill:  metabolic derangement–chronic insulin resistance (hyperinsulinemia) brought on by too much sugar (read refined carbohydrates).  Obesity is a symptom of hyperinsulinemia (remember Syndrome X and the “deadly quartet”) but it’s not the cause of diabetes.  Too much sugar=hyperinsulinemia = Diabetes (and more)…a public miseducated and killing itself.

LIVE STRONG (and control insulin)!!!


Wednesday’s WOD:  Elizabeth
For time:
21 squat cleans (135# men/85# women)
21 ring dips
15 squat clean
15 ring dips
9 squat clean
9 ring dips
NEW SHIRTS ARE IN.  Thanks to Jack (9am class) and his company–JD Embroidery.  See Nicole or Jeremy for sweatshirts, zip-ups or special orders.

Quincy gets air + a great Ketosis link

Tuesday’s WOD:

3 x 800m runs 
rest as required between efforts
work on POSE form
Above, Quincy works on his efficiency in double unders.  As we get fatigued, small yet explosive movements tend to yield to larger less efficient ones.  This is where CrossFit makes the big gains:  on the fringe between form and intensity.  Push your Intensity until form starts to break, then ride that line; it’s the line where you must mentally focus on both the pain and the form.
Check out this GREAT explanation of Ketosis


A sincere thank you to everyone who attended Saturday’s Free WOD and Nutrition Seminar.  Everyone put out an INCREDIBLE effort.  A special thanks to the large Ft Eustis turnout and the Navy representation (including a HARDCORE veteran Navy SEAL).  We saw huge performances by Jean (first ring dips!), Will, Jalpa, Jesse, Sandi, Sheetal, Carol and Brandon.  We even had 15 year-old Beth, who on the day of her high school Homecoming dance, decided to spend the morning working hard with us instead of primping all day…good on ya Beth, great job!

Participants got to choose between two WODs:
1.  Modified Filthy 33
     33 box jump
     33 push press
     33 ABMAT situps
     33 wallball shots
     33 double unders
            Men’s winner:  Rob (5:43)
    Women’s winner:  Kristi (6:33)
2.  “Old and Grey” (in honor of Jeremy’s 33rd birthday on Friday)
     33 double unders
     3 x 300lb deadlift
     3 x muscle ups
     33 x 135lb full squat cleans (women 85#)
     33 double unders
Jeremy: 5:33  as rx’d
Nicole: 8:06   as rx’d
Men’s winner:  Quincy (8:16) as rx’d
Women’s winner:  Traci (closest to rx’d with fastest time) (10:09)
We had a great 2+ hour Nutrition Seminar after the WODs.  We addressed Syndrome X (the deadly quartet of metabolic derangement), Insulin control, Pale/Zone based diet theory and how to address nutrition in a society riddled with inaccuracies, dangerous myths, even more dangerous commercialism and fads.
The next Free WOD and Nutrition Seminar is tentatively schedule for the first Saturday in December

Saturday Reminder

Friday’s WOD:

If you’re coming Saturday (and planning on working out), then Friday is a rest day!!!
If not, then we’ll tailor Friday’s WOD based on what you’ve done for the week.  Expect to make up a WOD you previously missed.
If playing at home (or away), then do:
4 x 500m Row intervals at max effort.  Rest 3 minutes between rows.
Remember, this Saturday, 9am-noon at the Gym:  FREE WOD and Nutrition Seminar! Bring water.