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Quote of the Day from Jean

“Every time you miss a CrossFit Workout, God kills a kitten”
Thursday’s Workout
7 Rounds for Time:
21 Push Press (95 lbs)
21 ABMAT situps
Everyone reaches a point in fitness, education, family, etc. when they need a break: mentally and/or physically.  Sometimes the hardest thing is to pause from someone or something you love to take care of yourself.  YOU CANNOT GIVE 100% TO OTHERS OR YOUR PASSIONS IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  If you walk into the gym and your internal dialogue is saying, “I’m just not feeling it today…I need a break,” then you have two options:  1.  Go through the motions, but off the clock (i.e., don’t go max intensity), or 2. Just take the day off.  About every 2-3 months or so, Nicole and I take a good 2-3 day break in training.  We do nothing but stretch and get back into the game mentally.  We don’t force this upon ourselves…we just know it’s time.  This works for us, other have different methods and schedules. To keep our passion for CrossFit, we need a mental and physical break periodically.  
Along the same lines, if you are injured, excessively sore, etc. then You must let us know when you walk in the door or immediately if it occurs during a workout.  Be vocal about how you feel mentally and physically.  We’ll most likely tell you to back off–LISTEN TO US EVEN THOUGH YOUR INNER DIALOGUE MAY TELL YOU TO PUSH THROUGH IT.  We can advise you on scaling, or taking some time off.  
And yes, the paradox between today’s quote under the kitten and the above paragraphs is intentional irony.


Wednesday’s WOD:

Filthy Fifty:
(For  time)
50 box jump (24″ box)
50 jumping pullups
50 KB swings (1 pood — 35 lbs) 
50 steps of walking lunge
50 Knees-to-Elbows
50 push press (45 lbs bar)
50 back extensions
50 Wall Ball Shots (20 lb to 10 ft target)
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders
As the holiday’s approach, a strange paradox begins in America:  we decide to let loose and enjoy the holidays.  We bring cookies and cake and candy into work to share with our co-workers.  I guess if you dislike your co-workers, then this is a subtle form of murder (and suicide).  In a real (but most-likely-assessed as perverse view), we rejoice in the presence of family and friends while offering them poison.  And then, in January, as though awakening from our  sugar-induced coma we realize that we’ve gained 5-10 lbs, we feel like complete crap, and we are riddled with guilt.  We resolve–after the fact–to feel better and take care of ourselves.  TAKE A NEW APPROACH THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!  MAKE  YOUR RESOLUTION NOW
Don’t let food be the foundation of your holiday season.   Let the holiday, your family and your friends be the foundation.  Tell them why you aren’t eating the sweets, bring them to a WOD, or bring a WOD to them.   There is SO MUCH to live for.  The season is so much more lively and bright when you are lively and bright…not buried under remorse and sugar.  


Tuesday’s WOD:

30 Double Unders (DUs)  / 10 Deadlift (Heavy…Jeremy’s doing 290#)
30 DU / 8 DL
30 DU / 6 DL
30 DU / 4 DL
30 DU / 2 DL
Ft Eustis Crew:
Thanks to James, Billy , Mike, Chad and the crew for stopping in these past few weeks.   You are a great addition to an already intense atmosphere.  (Same goes to the grizzled veteran Navy pilot on the left).  You guys are welcome anytime.


Monday’s WOD:

Weighted Pullups (or lightest assistance possible): 1,1,1,1,1
5 minutes total in the handstand position
Practice: L-sit, Rope Climb if able, strict pushups or clapping pushups

Check out these words from OPT about eating out and eating at other’s homes as guests:

If you find it hard to eat when out or at others places…it’s just changing the “rules of the game” that determine your success when out.  So many folks say they do not want to “dissapoint” the host when they offer nachos pre bread and pasta dinner with wine…If you are truly serious about creating discipline around clean food choices there are a few things you have to first recognize:

1st > are you TRULY ready to make the change to bring your own foods or fight the fight, how serious are you REALLY or are you just talking
2nd > if you are serious, you are being played…therefore in order to create change you have to change the rules…stick to your guns for the first little while (you’ll have to put up with a little pain of course – just like your workouts) but after a while those around you will start MAKING foods and choices for you…as when i go to others houses, they ensure they make meat and veggies as they know i’ll bring my own if its not there….some may think that is irrigant (sp?), we at OPT call it discipline….
host: “you’re not having any of my white pasta and sugar and white non nutritionallly valued foods that i worked hours to make”
you: “no thanks, i find that when i eat that kind of food, i cannot perform my best as a parent, friend and when i work out; i get lazy, make poor decisions, and feel deflated and ghostly”
host: “oh”
you: “but i’ll take some of that broccoli and meat you made there”

it’s that easy…it goes back to the change we have to create in society in relation to expectations of food choices and gatherings…do not succumb, make your officer pals order veggies and jerky and cheese and nuts instead of pastries and cookies…make your friends grill veggies and meat instead of pizzas, make your kids fruit and yogurt smoothies instead of cakes…make the change – cause you can’t sell low level foods here!



Friday’s WOD:

Deadlift: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
Saturday, 25 October we’re hosting a FREE WOD and NUTRITION SEMINAR from 9am-12pm at the gym.  Bring along a friend or family member for a great workout and to talk about foundations of lifelong healthy nutrition.

"How This Workout Should Feel" Decoder Ring

The descriptions below are relative to the timeframe you are working!!!  What does that mean?  If we are doing 3-minute rounds of burpees & power cleans at LEVEL 3, your output will be less than if we were doing a 30-second round of burpees & power cleans at LEVEL 3.  The goal is to repeat similar performances each round of this type of workout.

  • LEVEL 1 (L1): Able to carry on a conversation while doing the workout.  Imagine a light warmup or cool-down jog.
  • LEVEL 2 (L2): You can talk, but it’s tough.  You should not feel any falloff in repeated outputs at this level.
  • LEVEL 3 (L3):  It’s difficult to talk while doing the work.  You are challenged to keep pushing, but you are confident you could repeat each round with sufficient rest.  At the end of the WOD, you should feel like you could squeeze in a few more sets at that level of output.
  • LEVEL 4 (L4):  Nearly impossible to talk clearly.  This is very high level of output FOR THE TIME FRAME you are working.  Repeats should be very tough, but you can still match performance in previous sets.  At the end of the WOD, you should really not want to (nor be able to) do many, if any more sets at that level of output.
  • LEVEL 5 (L5) :  Consider this an all-out effort for the time frame of the WOD.  At the end of the workout, you should be hurtin’ (the classic image of rolling on the floor).  This is the “crawl away, don’t walk away” feeling.