CFHR in the Daily Press. Tuesday, April 6th

5AM class is cancelled all this week for Spring Break.

WOD (Level 1 and 2):
5 sets of.  Each set is:
   1 Minute AMRAP of:
         4 burpees
         15 Unbroken Double Unders (or 45 singles)
Rest 2 minute between rounds.  Don’t hold back!!

Description: there is a 1 minute repeat timer.  During the first minute, you will execute 4 burpees and 15 DUs over and over until the minute is up.  You will then rest 2 minutes, then execute the next set. Repeat 5 total times.  Each complete cycle of 4 burpees and 15 Double Unders/45 singles is a round.  Add up rounds from each set to post your total score.

Schedule of events for the Fundraiser (this Sat/Sun) will be posted on Thursday. 

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