CFHR Wins Big at Foodbank 5K, plus Nutrition 101 Episode 4! Monday, Dec 20th

 A very special thank you to Gabi/Mike and Sandi/Charlie for opening their homes for 2 great Holiday Parties.  I think our next piece of gym equipment will be a crud table.
CFHR Nutrition 101 Episode 4. Keep the great questions coming.


Group Warmup

  • Repeat the above movements with an empty bar
  • Finish your warmup by loading your bar steadily executing the 3 movements in the WOD

5 Rounds For time:
 155/105 lb Deadlift, 12 reps
 155/105 lb Hang power clean, 9 reps
 155/105 lb Push jerk, 6 reps

This is a named WOD for the big board. If you are going for RX (competing for the board), you must inform the Coach prior to starting the WOD.  Standards:

1. Deadlift: 
  • Bar must touch the ground each rep
  • Hips and knees must be fully extended at the top (shoulders behind your hips)
2.  Hang Power Clean:;
  • At the top of each rep, knees and hips must be fully extended WITH the bar STILL RACKED ON THE SHOULDERS.  It’s ok to pop the bar UP off your shoulders as you extend your hips and knees, b/cthat is sending the bar HIGHER.  You cannot LOWER the bar until your hips and knees fully extend
  • If you break the Hang Power Cleans by setting the bar on the ground, you must deadlift the bar up to the hang position and pause prior to executing the HPC (in other words, you cannot do a power clean from the ground)

3.  Push Jerk

  • Top position:  arms FULLY locked out, shoulder open (portion of ear visible in front of arm)
  • The bar cannot leave the overhead position until feet are brought back together and you are standing up fully
  • Any overhead movement is acceptable as long as the first two stipulations are met (i.e. you can split jerk, push press, shoulder press…whatever, but you must end up locked overhead with feet back together and knees/hips fully open).


CFHR take Men’s and Women’s overall first places and 3 top-10 finishes at the FoodBank 5K!

Dave S. (5am) – Men’s first overall and overall race winner
Amy S. (5am) – Women’s first overall, 3rd overall finisher
Jeremy – 8th overall and 3rd place in 30-39 age group
Connie – 5th in 40-47 age group.

I was so freakin’ proud to see our athletes do so well.  It was awesome to see Connie (our Nov athlete of the month), cross the finish line in her FIRST EVER race, at the age of 47…absolutely beaming with pride.  And she finished 10 minutes FASTER than her goal!  Connie’s race tag number was 215.  When she crossed the line, she said, “who would have thought, I used to weigh as much as my tag number!”
Amy and Dave ran patient and strong races proving their caliber of athleticism and maturity.

I think it’s important to recognize that there were no major top level runners at this 5K race.  But that let’s us highlight just what CrossFit is, and just what it means to be a CFHR athlete.  We do not develop top-level competitive runners.  Out of a pool of average individuals and age-group runners, however, we did VERY, VERY well in a running race.  And I know, without a doubt, that if we would have had a deadlift station set up at the end of the race, our athletes would have done VERY, VERY well in a 1RM deadlift effort.  That’s the point.  We can’t win money at the Boston Marathon, and we can’t win money at a professional powerlifting competition.  But in a pool of average Americans, we will finish statistically near the top of most physical endeavors.  THAT, is applicable, well-rounded fitness for a functional, happy and long life.  That is CrossFit Hampton Roads!

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