Chelsea, Monday June 22d

Monday’s WOD:


The clock will start. Every minute on the minute, perform:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
How long can you continue? 10 minutes? 20? 30? More? If you fall behind the clock, keep going for 30 minutes and see how many rounds you can complete.

Post total completed rounds (i.e. minutes that you completed the 5/10/15 you fulfilled) (this one goes on the white board in the gym)

Say Hello to YOUR new CrossFit Hampton Roads Business and Facility Manager!

Don’t worry, he’s not always yelling
Many of you have had the opportunity to work with Justin
(JroCK) over the past few weeks since he started coaching
with us. The word of his remarkable coaching abilities,
infectious personality and stellar work ethic are spreading
fast. Starting today (Monday), Justin will now be managing
the “books and box” for CFHR. You’ll be seeing more of him
around. We look forward the great changes and improvements
he’ll make to an already incredible atmosphere.
Results for the Biggest Loser WOD #1 will be announced on Tuesday’s Blog.
Last Saturday, I had a great time with everyone at the 
Nutrition Seminar. A special thanks to the Megers; Kari 
for providing her perspective on how to approach nutrition 
for the whole family and to Meegs for his great recipes.
I gave you guys a glimpse of what I eat in a day, but really 
didn’t quantify it for you. So I’ve entered a standard day 
(non-WOD day) into’s food tracker.
Here’s a snapshot of the Macro Nutrient breakout:

It comes down to 25% Protein, 11% Carb, and 64% Fat.  
Total calories: 2876. On a heavier metcon WOD day (non M.E.), 
my protein would be closer to 30% and my carbs closer to 20% 
(driving fat towards 50%). This was all done by picking from 
Paleo foods and eating intuitively. I don’t weigh or measure.  
I did after the fact to enter this data into FitDay. I did the 
Zone long enough that I can tell you roughly what I eat in 
blocks, but I don’t count daily. I choose from Meats, 
Vegetables, Nuts (and their derivative oils), seeds, some 
fruit and no starch or sugars. I’ll have a sweet potato after a 
hard metcon WOD (this is what drives my carbs up a bit) 
but there are no other starches in my diet. Here’s exactly 
what I ate (had to use somesubstitutes in FitDay):

This week’s Blogs will all have links to some of Mark Sisson’s great “Primers”
that summarize a hot topic. GREAT STUFF!! That will start tomorrow. Today
you got a primer on Jeremy’s diet…i feel so naked and exposed.


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