Cheryl Saves a Life + No "I" in Hampton Roads. Friday, March 12th

 Why Cheryl “TRAINS FOR LIFE.”
For those of you who haven’t met Cheryl, you can catch her in the 9am or 5pm class.  She is, for lack of a better word, diminutive in stature.  But check this out.  A couple of weeks ago, she was at the Outer Banks with her 3 year old Godson and his family.  Her godson was running up ahead of her, when all of a sudden, he fell into quicksand.  He rapidly started sinking up to his thighs, then his waist.  Her godson weighs just over 40lbs.  Our former Vegetarian, Cheryl, sprinted over, hopped into the quicksand, and proceeded to power clean her Godson out of the quicksand.  If you’ve never tried pulling someone or something out of quicksand, it’s no small task.  Imagine how a boot gets stuck in a few inches of wet mud….then multiply that by 20.  My guess is that the resistance at least doubled his relative bodyweight.  Not to be over-dramatic, but for all intents and purposes, Cheryl executed an 80lb power clean to save her Godson’s life.  Without skipping a beat, she did a front squat to a wallball shot and threw him clear of the quicksand and into the arms of his grateful dad (ok, so I embelished a bit there at the end.  Cheryl, you epitomize why we do what we do.  We hammered on you so long to set your back in your deadlift and clean.  I have no doubt your dedication in the box led to your success out of the box.  We are so grateful you are with us, and you Godson and his family are no doubt grateful of your PHYSICAL PROWESS!!!  KEEP EATIN’ THAT STEAK!!!
WARMUP TODAY IS ONLY DJM and DEADLIFT WARMUP.   Get started on the WOD quickly…

CrossFit WOD:
This WOD is a bit different.  The clock will be running for 40 minutes.
You will carry around an object the entire 40 minutes.  You must be standing up and moving with the object the entire time except while performing your “tasks.”  Just walk around with your object.

You must perform all of the tasks in the 40 minutes.  You can break the reps up however you want.  You can do them in any order, but all must be done in the 40 minutes.  You do NOT have to finish one task prior to moving to the next…you can split up reps within each task.

Object (carried over shoulder or in hands/arms)
            guys – 40lb sandbag (or 2 x 20lb sandbags)
            gals –  20 lb sandbag

  1.  5 Tire Flips (guys big tire, ladies small tire….DO NOT FLIP BERTHA…SHE’s FOR SLEDGE) 
  2.  10 deadlift @ 315/220
  3.  30 GHD situps
  4.  45 wallball shots (20/14#)
  5.  60 Sledge Swings (on BERTHA)–you pick sledge weight
  7.  75 walking lunges with your object.

Skill:  Med Ball Deadlift,  L-Sit,  Rope Get-Up from ground/Rope Climb,
WOD:  8, 7, 6…..1 of:
             Med Ball Deadlift
             L-Sit (number = seconds of cumulative hold)
             Rope Getups

We foster and expect an atmosphere of cameraderie and teamwork in our box.  Read this PERFECTLY ARTICULATED post that exemplifies why you prefer a CrossFit box over the standard gym.


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