China Tops the Diabetes Hit List and Chronic Cardio connections to Heart Disease Follow-up, Wed 31 Mar

Did you know that 50% of all FireFighter deaths are due to heart attacks?  Did you know that appx 70% of a Fire Dept’s equipment budge is spent on the upkeep of the equipment;  30% is spent on the repair of broken equipment.  When it comes to the Fire Fighters, 3% is spent on their upkeep and 97% is spent on repairing injured or ill Fire Fighters.  THEY DESERVE BETTER!  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP US RAISE FUNDS FOR THE PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS AND LONGEVITY OF THE HAMPTON FIRE DEPT!!

For Time:
400 M walking lunge

Our sandbags haven’t seen the sunlight yet, so if you’re Skill Level 2, consider taking one out to get some Vitamin D too.

Skill Level 1:  200m walking lunge, then 600m run 

A while back, there was a very in-depth debate between Dr Loren Cordain (of Paleo Diet fame) and Dr T. Collin Campbell.  The debate was called the Protein Debate.  Dr. Campbell authored a now (im)famous study called The China Study in which he challenges the importance of protein in the human diet.  According to Dr. Campbell, the great health of the chinese was attributed to their low protein consumptions and excess protein is the cause of obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Well, checkout this one:  China now leads the world in Diabetes….how ’bout them low-protein Apples?
Now I have no doubt that the lipophile pundits will be quite vociferous in linking increased Diabetes to the proliferation of all the meat in fast food.  Just remember what that meat comes on:  refined grain buns and carb dense fries cooked in hydrogenated (i.e. rancid) vegetable oils.  Protein goooood, excess refined carbohydrates and rancid Omega-6 cooking oils bbbaaaaaaadddd.
As the weather turns nice, it’s important to be outside to get Vit D and some of that long duration low-intensity work…but that doesn’t mean go run every day.  A while back, I posted a link that discussed the connection of heart disease to persistent cardio training.  Here’s a follow up from Dr. Kurt Harris that has an even more recent study.  Good stuff.
For those volunteering to help out this weekend, Gabi’s daughter has offered her services as a babysitter if needed.  Contact Gabi at if interested.

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