Con-ola oil + "How Much is Too Much" part 2, Wed, April 7th

 Kevin G. gets triple extension during tire cleans
WOD: (read instructions below WOD)

Level 2:
For time:
6 tire flips (3 down, 3 back)
Run 400M
  4 rounds of:
     7 rope pulls to inverted (see below)
     15 box step ups with sandbag held in arms, not on shoulder (40lbs/20″) (20lbs/4 x bumpers)
     Sprint 50M with sandbag (to parking lot entrance and back)
Run 400M
6 tire flips (3 down, 3 back)

Level 1:
Run 400M
   3 rounds of:
      5 rope pulls to inverted (scale by getting knees as high as possible)
      5 step ups w/ sandbag or dumbbells (20 lb total max) (4 x bumpers max for step up)
     Jog 50M with sandbag or dumbbells
Run 400M

-Stagger start on Tires. 
-Trainers will start each athlete at the top of the closest minute and tell athletes which minute that is so they can get their final time. 
-Execute Tire Flips on the “Pad” out front.  Boxes will be inside. 
-Sprint out the middle garage door and back in the small garage door closest to the main entrance during the 50M sprints. 
-There is a red paint mark on the concrete for the 400M turnaround point.
-Inverted rope pulls are just like pulls to inverted on rings except you’re on the rope and you touch your feet (with straightened legs) to the rope.  RX’d = NO JUMPING to get feet up.  

-Please do not drop the sandbags…set them down.


Second Half of Mark Sisson’s post on “How Much is Too Much.”  GREAT reading and links.

One of our athletes had a question regarding Canola Oil.  It’s NOT the great Omega-3 source it’s made out to be.  Think soy: cheap farming product that must be put through a ridiculous chemical process to make it palatable…it’s no longer food at that point.  Check this out.


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