Conquering the Mind. Mental Fortitude in Fitness. Wednesday, Feb 3rd

Now this is perseverance. On the UNBROKEN Double Under/Wallball WOD from last week, Joe got the first 2 rounds unbroken. He then spent more than 9 minutes trying to get 20 straight again. I won’t spoil the ending, but watch the range of emotions and remarkable persistence/mental fortitude in pushing through the frustration. The video picks up about 3 minutes into his attempts for round 3. Nice work Joe.

CrossFit WOD:
Cleans (135#)
Ring Dips

RX’d =
Clean: Full squat clean (hip below knee) at bottom. Full knee and hip extension at top
Ring Dip: Full elbow extension at start of rep. Shoulder below elbow at bottom. Full elbow extension at top of rep.
Run 400
15 Walking Lunges
15 Thrusters
15 Body Row from rings
ROW 400M

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