Deadlift & TGs, Wednesday, July 29th

Wednesday’s Warmup

DJM (left side of board)
Row 300 easy (low damper)
2 rounds (not for time…controlled working on breathing) of:
10 ring dips
10 Knees to Elbows

Wednesday’s WOD:
M.E. Deadlift
3-3-2-1-1 (rest only as long as it takes to change the weights) get to 1RM quickly

Rest 5 min

How many Turkish Getups can you accomplish in 10 mintues? Alternate left and right hand
As RX’d loading: Guys 55# DB / Gals 35# DB

CHANGE, So easy, even a caveman could do it…oh wait, he did!

It is OVERWHELMING…I know. All the crap thrown at you…by me, when the topic of Nutrition comes of. Everything is so interconnected, yet at the base level, it is so simple. Food (to include liquids) is the foundation of your lifelong health and Fitness goals. There is no way around it. Without addressing your nutrition, you will stagnate in your goals and experience ailments that you just don’t have to experience. Without addressing your nutrition, you increase the odds of the expression of genetic maladies to which you are predisposed. But there’s just so much to know! Mark Sisson did well narrowing it down to 10 rules. Barry Sears in his infinite marketing wisdom has narrowed it down to 10 books all espousing the same simple rules of macronutrient balance. You read (hopefully) or at least skim the links I post and the verbal diarrhea I pound out at 10 words per minute nightly. There’s a ton of info “behind” the rules…you know, the man behind the man behind the man (“Swingers” movie reference anyone?) So, here’s my take at it. Let’s not call them rules…cause then you feel dirty and drawn to confessional obligations when you “break” them. So let’s call them “Things you could do.” This is, in my opinion, the down and dirty way to get someone on board with changing their health from “sickness” to “wellness.” This is by no means unique, but it is consolidated. Use these “things you could do” to get family or friends started on the right path. They are tried and true. They are the 3 things from which our athletes reap the most immediate and measurable differences in their health. They are the platform from which they begin their journey to lifelong health. These are ONLY the “hows” and a very brief take on the “why.” The Whys are for my never ending blog. So here you go—riddled with movie references and parenthetical Turets outbreaks—I present:

CrossFit Hampton Roads’ Three “Things to Do” To Set You On the Path to Wellness (title too long?)

FOOD, INC is a movie highlighting behaviors of the modern food industry (not in a very good light…much to my pleasure) and pushing for more wholesome and nutritious food choices for our nation. It is playing this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Night at the Naro Cinema in Norfolk (click for showtimes). After Wednesday’s preview (7:15pm) they will have guest speakers and discussion. Here is the movie homepage. Below is a trailer.

More info here:

What Fractured Foot? Corey trains through injury…as he should.

A Few Glimpses of the Saturday’s Memorable Beach WOD


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