Deads and PCs, Tuesday, May 12th

Tuesday’s WOD:

5 rounds (record time per round)
20 Deadlift at 3/4 bodyweight
8 Power Cleans with same bar 
Rest 2 min between rounds.
A very big THANK YOU to Gabi and Mike for holding an outstanding CFHR gathering on Sunday.  The turnout was huge, the food was great and the company was awesome!  We had a blast.  Many of you tried Jim’s great chicken dish.  We wanted the recipe (it was awesome…AND PALEO!)
Here it is:

~ 2 Grilled chicken seasoned with olive oil, garlic powder, oregano and creole seasoning. cut into chuncks
~ 1cup diced celery
~ 1 1/2 CUPS grapes cut in half
~ 1 1/2 cups pecans broken into pieces
~ 2 cups regular canola oil mayo. (with ALL the fat included!)

Measurements are estimates.  Man, this was GOOD!
CF Games Affiliate Challenge Update:
I registered CFHR for the affiliate challenge today.
We are tentatively scheduling the CFHR Affiliate Qualifiers for Saturday, May 23rd.  The format is being decided, but there will be multiple WODs.   ANYONE can compete in this Qualifier competition….even if you have no intention of going.  In fact, we encourage it.  Our goal is to start during the normal Sat WOD times (11:30 on Sat)—most likely 2 WODs on Sat and 1 on Sunday or 3 WODs on Sat to get it done.  We will have makeup sessions for those who can’t make it.  

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