Diabetes from Fruit? Friday, Jul 9th — 100 Days of Burpees, Day 9

Great Review of Upper Body Mobilty Exercises Using a Ball by Kelly Starrett

4 rounds of:
    3 Split Jerk (increase weight each round)
    Rest 60 seconds
    AMRAP (-1) Pushups
    Rest 60 seconds
    Run 400M @ 90% effort
    Rest 3 minutes
Post WOD, do skill work and spend some time working on the foam/PVC roller.


Click HERE to sign up for the 2010 ASYMCA MUD RUN!!! 
The MUD RUN is Sat, Aug 7th.
Last Year, CFHR took THREE age-group first-place spots!!!
We won’t be coordinating a CFHR team this year, but if you’d like to get a group together under the CFHR name, please feel free to do so.

During our last Fit-to-Be Bare contest, I presented academics titled, “What the Hell Should I Eat?” One of the topics that spurred lots of questions (and continues to) is why we ask athletes to limit fruit intake in their quest to change body comp. Our impetus behind this is that fruit is, generally, very dense in sugars (fructose in particular). Fructose is a major contributor to insulin resistance in the liver, increases in triglyceride production and smaller/dense LDL (the bad stuff) and subsequent (delayed onset due to fructose vs. glucose/sucrose) insulin resistance in the muscle tissue. Here is a great story from cardiologist Dr. William Davis on how one of his clients gave himself diabetes with fruit.

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