Dial In the Carbs, Thur Sept 16th (100 DOB Day 78)

 Congrats on your LEVEL 1 Cert Sam!!!

For total working time (subtract 2:15 from final clock time):

50 squats
7 muscle ups (sub=3 pull ups & 3 ring dips per MU)
10 hang power clean 135/95

rest 90 seconds

5 hspu
10 pistols 5 left/5 right
15 pullups

rest 45 seconds

50 Double Unders (sub 150 singles)
50 ABMAT situps
25 Double Unders (sub 75 singles)
25 ABMAT situps

**Level 2 can do GHD situps for extra challenge
Great point out from Ari.  A nice review of the impact of excess carbohydrates and how to Dial in Your Carb Intake.  Mark’s “sustaining” carb intake is still a bit much for me.  Once your body shifts to efficient use of fat as a readily available food source, then replacing carbs with fat won’t necessarily lead to more weight loss.  I generally run in the 50-100g range in Mark’s carb curve.  I balance carb intake with my workouts: longer metcons = more carbs post WOD.  If I’m doing primarily heavy lifting, then i’m near ketogenesis (30-50g carbs).  These are just estimates, but I can really tell when i need to up my intake of veggies.  Keep in mind that 50g carbs in the form of veggies can be a lot of veggies.  It’s still a lot of food.


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