Dip n’ Row, Wed, 24 June

Wednesday’s WOD:

For time:

10 Ring Dips (RD)
Row 150m
9 RD
Row 150m
1 RD
Row 150m

post total time
Here’s a Macronutrient update from my FitDay logging.  Yesterday, I did a pretty tough Heavy Metcon (10,9,8,…1) of 135lb Back Squat, 115lb Push Press, Burpees.
It took me 14:42.  I had my 1.5 sweet potatoes and steak afterwords.  As I mentioned in Monday’s post, on heavy days like this, my protein and carbs will increase slightly and my fat will drop a tad.  My breakout for Monday was:

-Protein: 30% (222g)  Carb: 15% (112g)    Fat:  55% (188g) (15% was Saturated..mmm…steak)  
-Total Caloric intake:  2978 calories
-Fiber intake was 47g (all veggies and a bit of fruit!)
-I exceeded every RDA of vitamins and minerals (including Calcium), most by            200-300%.

This one is great.  I recently had a discussion with a registered Dietician.  Our conversation (I listened only) was almost exactly as described in this article.  Sometimes the “experts” are blinded by the narrow scope of their science.  There’s a whole world of endocrinology and lipid metabolism out there.  The answers to our society’s diseased state are there…they’re just known by those who are not in the trenches every day.   Those responsible for teaching nutrition have only the story they learned in school…a repetitive cycle of lipiphobia based on research funded by a food industry whose motives–rightly so–are profit, not health (Snackwells anyone) .  There are a few  (such as Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson and Michael Eades) who take the knowledge to the streets, beating through the crap of Conventional Wisdom and big-market grain industry and holding the medical community accountable.  Learn, discuss, become a warrior in the trenches spreading the facts of nutrition and health.


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