Dirty Thirty!! Happy 30th Nicole!!

Monday’s Warmup:

Row 300m slow
2 sets of
30 sec 3 position plank hold (30 sec left, 30 sec right, 30 sec center)
10 Hip Extensions
10 pushups
warmup empty bar squat snatch

Monday’s WOD:
8/17/1979 Nicole’s B-day. This is a challenging WOD. Listen to your trainer’s scaling directions.

Entire WOD for time:
3 rounds
8 burpee (jump 1′ higher than full standing extension)
17 full squat snatch (75/45)
3 rounds
1 muscle-up
9 wallball shots to 11′ target (above the line) 20#/14# (20# for nicole)
7 OHS (75/45)
9 pushups
300 doubleunders

First, go grab the Chum Bucket, ’cause this is gonna get mushy. I could not be prouder to write about Nicole today. My lovely bride, an incredible mother, your inspirational coach, and a remarkable athlete turns 30 today. I know she will not argue with me when I say that she feels better now than she ever has in her life. Her fire and motivation were evident at a young age.

She focused that drive and excelled in school while powering through the challenges of life…in spite of the occasional bad hair day:

Her CrossFit Journey began here:

After the birth of Lilly, I returned to Korea and she returned to be the solo mother of 2 (did I mention drive, motivation and the ability to power through adversity and challenge?). Although separated, we continued to share the same bond that brought us together from the start–Fitness. Nicole and I met in a gym while running on treadmills next to each other (a far cry from where we are today, but…ya know…we were young, we needed the money). In Korea I was introduced to this whacky thing called CrossFit. It was a “nice” break from Triathlon, so I started sharing workouts with Nicole over the computer. Through the crazy stares at the Perrysburg, OH YMCA and during the kids’ naps at home, she powered through her WODs. She could not muster a single pushup when she started. She spent 3 months in Kansas City with my family and was fortunate enough to train with Coach Mike Rutherford (Rutman) of CrossFit KC. She hasn’t looked back since.
Words, neither written nor spoken, can ever express my admiration for her independence, courage and perseverance in the face of the many challenges on her path to where she is today. Her CF Games Regional Qualifier performance surprised her more than anyone else. It’s amazing to watch that tiny little lady turn from humble, bubbly and joking to pure intensity in the flip of a switch:

For those of you fortunate enough to watch Nicole execute a WOD, or tackle an M.E. know the shock (and utter joy) of hearing a flurry of explicatives spew forth and reverberate throughout the gym as she misses a lift or drops the bar 1 rep before wanting to. Matthew and Lilly don’t know it now, but their Mother’s determination and drive are fueling their future success in whatever endeavors they choose–they witness world class athleticism and world class attitude every day. We made the kids shirts for the CF Games that said “My Mom Can Kick Your Dad’s Butt.” I will save those shirts forever.
My Lady, in your constant pursuit for balance between Self and Others you strike an awe inspiring chord with everyone you meet. You are balance, you are focus, you are HEART and you are loved by all of those who surround you and all of those you touch. I look forward to growing old with you Lady, and LIVING STRONG WITH YOU EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!

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