DL on the MInute, Monday Sept 28th

New Classes Starting!!! READ!!!
Starting this week, we will now run CrossFit “Starters” Classes along with our Standard Group Classes M-F at 6:15 am, 5 pm and 6 pm. “Starters” class is for our TAKEOFF graduates to get more focused training with an Instructor on skills and movements prior to executing our Standard WODs. Each day, you will now see a CrossFit WOD Class and CrossFit “Starters” Class flow.
ALL WODs Updated in STATULO.US!!!

CrossFit WOD Class:

Weekly Warmup
DJM (now includes 10 squats)
3 rounds (not for time)
Inchworm (10 reps)
10 pullups
10 empty bar backsquat
Monday’s WOD
Every minute, on the minute for 15 minutes:
3 Deadlift at 60% 1RM
CrossFit Starters Class:
400M run
400M run
FGB IV Summary
Thank you all for such a great showing for our Two-Day FGB IV Fundraiser event
We are proud to announce that CFHR Raised more than $2500 (with funds still coming in). CFHR will make a gym donation of $200 tonight. This should push our total to near $3000 when all is tallied.

Several of you took a ton of great photos. If you have these on a public domain (Picasa, Flickr, etc.) then please send us a public link so we can let people see them. We are putting together a slideshow link that will be up soon
Congrats to Jim and Diane K. They raised $930 as CFHR’s top fundraisers! They will receive 1 MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP FREE!
On Friday, we will be announcing September’s Athlete of the Month. As a reminder, our Athlete of the Month is chosen base on their dedication to Transformation and exuding the qualities of a life of Wellness both in and out of the box, including encouragement of others. The winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Again Faster Equipment Supplier that can be used Online.
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