Does Exercising Cause Weight Gain?…. Wednesday December 8

Group Warmup (not for time)

10 double unders–10 second handstand hold–
20 double unders–10 Hip Extensions–
30 double unders–10 pushups–
40 double unders–10 GHD Situps–
*try for unbroken for each set
3x singles=1 du
Max Effort Weighted Pullups (NO KIPPING)
If you cannot do an unassisted pullup, do not use a band.  Instead, jump up from a high box and execute a static hang with your chin over the bar.  Once you can hand for 5 consecutive seconds, execute negatives.  Once you can execute a negative (letting yourself down slowly) over a 10 second period, execute negatives with a light (3-10lb) dumbbell between your ankles.

rest 5 mins
2 rounds for max reps:

1 min max reps Deadlift (185/115)
1 min rest
1 min max reps Wallball 10′ (20/14)
1 min rest
1 min max reps ring dip (no bands. Count the number of 3 second negatives you can do or do static holds for the minute of work)
1 min rest
1 min max reps pistols


Exercise Makes You Fat?

This article is flawed on many levels, but underlying it are some facts/questions of which we need to stay cognizant:
  • Persistent longer duration exercise at higher output means persistent cortisol release.  This mobilizes blood sugar and increases insulin release.  This can contribute to fat storage (note that I’m saying persistent longer duration…imagine the age-group marathoner that looks skinny but is actually flabby around the middle).  This constant demand of cortisol production also turns testosterone in to estrogen (man-boobs, yea!)
  • Gary Tabues, in Good Calories, Bad Calories discusses how exercise does increase hunger.  But the linked article then goes into a discussion of self-control.  This, in my opinion is BS.  We hammer ourselves about lack of control, but we ignore the physiology behind why we crave certain foods.  The exercise makes you hungry, but it’s what we eat afterwords that drives body composition.
  • The general premise of this article is that we should exercise to be “skinny.”  At CFHR we exercise because of the innumerable benefits of exercise.  But we never say “skinny.”  Our new Lady’s hoodies say “Strong is Beautiful” on the back.  Lean and strong does not mean skinny in today’s society.  But lean and strong is HEALTHY and attractive.
PLEASE, PLEASE, post a comment on your thoughts of this article
A SPECIAL THANKS TO BEN AND HEIDI OF RIBEIRO JIU-JITSU FOR A GREAT OPENING NIGHT ON MONDAY.  The kids class was awesome, energetic and fun.  I’m now hooked after the adult class.  Ben’s instruction is phenomenal and the support of the local BJJ community was strong.  We had a great turnout of CFHR athletes on Monday night and Tuesday afternoon.  Remember, Ben’s got a great offer going for CFHR athletes.  Please see the RJJ link at the top of the page for more info and to contact Ben!

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