Don’t Let This Misleading Food Label Derail YOUR Health! Wed, Dec 29th

Jason demonstrates proper GHD situp execution:  relaxed legs and smooth descent during the eccentric (down) portion, then rapid leg lock and engaged hip flexors/core during the concentric (up) portion.  Sore abs from the GHD are caused primarily by the eccentric (i.e. down) portion.  While not necessarily a functional movement in and of itself, the GHD situp is a excellent compliment to training the core recruitment necessary for functional movements.
 Group Warmup:
5 sets of:

5 GHD Situps
5 Empty Bar Good Mornings
5 rounds for max total points

  • Cluster Shoulder Press @ 75% of your 1RM
  • rest 30 seconds
  • AMRAP Weighted Pullups at 40% of your 1RM
  • rest 2 minutes

Score = max points achieved in any single round
1 lb = 1 point (lbs from shoulder press and/or weighted pullups)
1 rep of pullups = 1 point
1 10-15s negative pullup = 1 point
1 x 60s static hang = 1 point
Example:  I did 125lbs for the press cluster, then 8 reps at 50lbs, my score for that round is 125+50+8 =183. 


  • Cluster shoulder press = do 2 presses, rerack for 10 seconds, 2 more presses, rerack…until you’ve done 4 sets of 2.
  • If you do not have a weighted pullup, then do strict pullups.  If you do not have a strict pullup, then do 3 x 10-15 second negatives (jump up to the top, then slowly let yourself down.
  • If you do not have negatives, then do a 60s total static hang each round

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“ALL NATURAL” doesn’t mean healthy. This is a chunk of all natural Uranium, which is more plentiful than mercury in nature. 

DON’T BE FOOLED!!!  “All Natural” is just about the most misleading food label around.  I commend them for removing things like MSG, but this is still completely man-concocted crap-food with no redeeming value  (and for those new to this blog, “low-fat,” “low-calorie,” “low-cholesterol,” and “whole-grains,” are NOT redeeming values).  Thanks for the link Alan.

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