Drudgery and the curse of civilization. Wed March 24th

FTBB Men’s Second Place:  Jim
CrossFit WOD:

3 rounds for time of:
  Run 400m
  21 Dumbbell swings (55 lb/35lb)
  12 pullups

Runs will be out the front door (a lane will be set clear for athletes to come into and out of the gym).  Run the 400M around the front of the building.  Don’t run the portion in front of the AutoZone, just do the full square and straight inside to accomodate the transit to and from the pullup bar.


“They are not called “treadmills” for nothing. The term treadmill brings to mind the epitome of drudgery. Drudgery began with the advent of agriculture and marked the transition to what we now call “civilization”. (See Daniel Quinn’s books for the full implications of “civilization”.) Drudgery intensified with the industrial revolution and reached its apex with Frederick Taylor’s scientific management, a well-intentioned breakdown of human actions into mechanical movements. Workers expressed their humanity and rebelled. But the model lives on in the world’s gyms, driven by the seductive appeal of the technology and the precision measurements it produces. How would a four year-old react to being asked to do a 30-minute session on a treadmill? How much fitter, both physically and mentally, he or she would be if given free rein and good company in a forest!” – Evfit


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