Dumbbell Bear–Tuesday 21 April

Tuesday’s WOD:

 With a continuously running clock, perform the following complex every minute, on the minute for 20 minutes.  You will rest until the next minute comes up:
5 Dumbbell Deadlift
5 Dumbbell Hang Power Clean
5 Dumbbell Thrusters

Guys-35 lbs
Ladies-20 lbs

This one is insidiously tough.  If you find your weight too heavy, then drop weight or drop to 4 reps per exercise per round.  If you find the weight to light, increase reps to 6 per exercise per round (don’t add weight).  Give it until round 10 before you add reps.
Congrats to Richard F. (Team Bull Island and 10A.M.er) on completing his CrossFit Level 1 Certification this past weekend!  Our wall of certs is growing and we love it.  The interest in the art and science behind sound, empirical and logical Fitness is contagious.  We are very excited to see so many of our athletes getting certs and increasing the level of knowledge in our facility.  ——————————————-
I’ve added a link to the Mid-Atlantic Qualifiers on the right side of this blog.  The workouts will be posted on that sight on Wednesday.  You can expect to do one of the WODs on Thursday.

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